131km/h on 401 near Brockville

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131km/h on 401 near Brockville

by: norecord on
Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:02 am

Hi, I would appreciate any advice on the following matter:


Driving along with another car directly in front of me (app. 10 seconds ahead, aka 2 chevrons).

Stationary officer (1 cop) steps out from dirt road connecting east and westbound lanes and "waves" to have a car pull over. The driver in front of me thought he was the one being gestured at so he made way to stop but was waved off by the officer as he made gestures and instead pointed at me to pull over which I did.

Upon being pulled over I was asked for my driver's license which I provided. The officer then commented that I had my cell phone lying on my lap and that it was illegal to use a handheld device while driving (I was not using it at all to text or talk prior to being pulled over) . The officer then returned to his cruiser. After 15 mins he returned with two tickets, 1 for the cell phone, 1 for speeding.

I refuse to believe I was going 131km/h but here I am... Any tips on how to deal with this ticket and he cell phone ticket? Especially since there was a vehicle in front of mine and THAT driver acted as if he was being pulled over before (lucky for him) being waved away.

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