128 in a 90, reduced to 118

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128 in a 90, reduced to 118

by: Walltowall on
Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:59 pm

Hey Everyone, Thanks for any help you can provide!

So today I was pulled over for the first time after 6-7 years of driving. The officer did not say much at all. Just said I was going 128 in a 90, gave me a reduced ticket for 118 and left. The ticket says that i was going 128 in a 90 and i don't see any other markings or an 'r' for reduced as some people have mentioned.

Driving, I was around a group of other cars going slightly downhill. I know I was speeding, but I have heard that if it is your first offense you can plea it down to a lower charge to avoid demerits by talking to the prosecutor during the pre-court meeting. I have also heard that the charge could be reverted to the original 128 if I bring it to the next stage.

Basically I'm asking advice on how to proceed. Which option, 1 2 or 3, should i pick? Also, is it worth it to try and get this plea reduced?

Thanks again
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by: Stanton on
Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:25 pm

Did the officer actually reduce your ticket? If the offence is listed as 128 in a 90, then it was not reduced. The offence should read as 118 in a 90.

Typically if your ticket was already reduced at the side of the road, you won't get a further reduction from the Crown. The only way to avoid demerit points would be to get it down to 15 over or less, and they don't usually reduce tickets by that much.

Still nothing wrong with requesting a deal and seeing what they offer. Worst case is you waste some time, but they won't raise the ticket back up unless you actually proceed to trial.
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