127 in an 80..

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127 in an 80..

by: kk441992 on
Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:51 pm


I am just looking for advice on going about fighting my 47 over traffic ticket. First off, I believe I have been wrongly convicted. Also I am 20 years old and do not know the first thing about fighting a ticket, so any information will be helpful.

I was driving up to my cottage in gravenhurst on County RD 169. I drive this road all the time and know that the speed limit is 80. I was being passed constantly by cars as it is a two lane road. The officer was not stopped, he was in fact driving towards me. I noticed this and took in my speed which was 5 km over when I saw him... A car had in fact just passed me when I noticed the officer coming in my direction. I kept driving. Then looking in my rear view, I noticed the officer do a U-turn and start following me. A few minutes later he pulled me over and claimed he had clocked me doing 127. I just gave him my licence, ownership and insurance because I didn't know what else to do. I have requested a court date, but I really do need information on what I should do as it is a 347$ ticket and my insurance will be drastically affected.

Any information is helpful!

Thank you.
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