107km In 60km Zone

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107km In 60km Zone

by: CoolBlue on


Here is my situation. I was driving from Major Mackenzie Drive East and turning on to Dufferin Street South. The wind being strong and dusty.

I was pulled over for clocking 107 km and I have normally driven on this road at 80 km on a regular usage. I am aware of the change in the speed limit zone to 60 due to the housing project being built but I have always been a cautious driver.

My last speeding ticket was when I had my G2 when I was 18 and I am now 29.

On top of the ticket, I did not have my insurance paper but I knew the insurance company and broker name but the officer also ticket me for failure to produce an insurance card. The reason being that I did not have my card in my car was I was cleaning up my car and I did forget to put it back in.

So I am struck wtih 65 dollars for failure to show insurance card and 347 dollars for 107km in 60km and I know there is no way I could of produced that speed in a short distance.

I do have a question but I have no information on the answer but does a strong windy day affect a radar gun. Plus there were 3 other vehicles in front of me at the time that were ahead in the pack as I was making my route.

I am kind of upset about this.

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Unless there was a significant amount of blowing dust or sand (and I mean a LOT), the radar equipment would not be affected. Wind alone does not affect radar.

47 km/h over the limit is a big deal as far as insurance is concerned. At the very least, fight the charge and if nothing else, try to plead it down to something less. Send the ticket in with a "not guilty" plea checked off, arrange for a trial date, and make a disclosure request. Be sure to ask for the officer's notes, the radar manual and the radar service/repair record (if available). Depending on the Crown's response, this gives you many avenues to contest the charge. BTW was it the York Region Police who stopped you?

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