A speeding traffic ticket is subject to section 128 of the Highway Traffic Act.
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Speeding Ticket And How To Proceed

by: mozzer on

Hi everyone,

I'm posting because I'm new to fighting traffic tickets. Here's my situation:

Was charged earlier this year for speeding (59 in a 40). In addition, the car I was driving didn't have the back of the registration photocopied so got charged with no motor vehicle permit, AND I was dumb enough to tell the officer I hadn't changed the address on my license (had moved about a month ago from my parents house and just never got around to doing it). So recap:

1) speeding

2) no permit

3) did not notify change in address

Infraction was in March of 2009, trial date set for February 2010.

I think I already know the answer, but do I need to file 3 separate disclosure requests and 3 separate applications for a stay of proceedings?

Also - do you think I have a good chance of being granted a stay of proceedings (trial date 11 months from date of infraction).

Thanks for any input!

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by: racer on

Maybe not the stay application just yet. But definitely ask for 3 sets of disclosure for each statement.

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