Speeding 73km On 50 Km Zone And Fail To Surrender Permit Of A Vehicle

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Speeding 73km On 50 Km Zone And Fail To Surrender Permit Of A Vehicle

by: joechoi12 on

Hi All,

I was pulled over for speeding over 23 km near Steeles Ave and Warden Ave. When the police officer asked for the vehicle ownership, I gave him the green paper (vehicle permit) however missing the other half. And at the end, I was charged with "fail to surrender permit of vehicle" as I don't have a complete copy and also a speeding ticket. The officer told me that If I choose option 3 Trial option, most likely the point can be drop and fine can be reduce. is it true ? and I am not sure "fail to surrender permit of vehicle" can be drop as well ? How are these 2 tickets affect my insurance ?

Please Help.

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by: bend on

You can't remove points. They have nothing to do with the points. They can reduce the charge, which may reduce the points based on the new charge.

If you show up with your vehicle permit, they might drop that charge if you plead guilty to the speeding.

Not providing your permit roadside will affect your insurance just as much as the speeding ticket in terms of insurance. If you want to know how it will charge your current rates, call your provider. Generally, you will be issued the same surcharge percentage for any minor offense. However, once you add another conviction, the surcharge percentage increases on the second one (eg: 5% for one, 15% for two)

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