Speeding 75 In 60km/zone, But He Said I Was Going 86km/h

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Speeding 75 In 60km/zone, But He Said I Was Going 86km/h

by: cloud145 on

quick question related to a traffic ticket.

i got pulled over on Hwy 7/ between Kennedy and Mccowan in Markham. The cop gave me two tickets.

1. speeding 75km/h in a 60 km/h zone, with him saying he marked that i was going 86km/h on the ticket

2. Dirve Motor Vehicle, no currently validated permit

Ticket 1 - Ok, as far as I remember, and when i went up and down hwy 7 3 times to check the speed limit, its 70km/h not 60km/h. Would this work in my advantage in any way?

point b - I drive a camry LE, turning right into hwy 7 from a small road, and turning left just 600ms ahead. i believe my car's not fast enough to do 86 km/h stretch in that short period

*ADDITION. - he didnt' clock me with a speed gun, if he did clock me, he never showed me the gun. He was following me i guess since i made my right turn, and accellerated to make a left turn, and after the left turncop pulled me off I. I dunno how he put 86km/h, but he didn't tell me i was going 86km/h until i got my ticket.

ticket 2 - ok, first of all, i put the expiry ticket renewal on my back licence plate. I had no idea you have to stick the other part on the pack of the registration paper? cop said, i could probably drop the charge when i get that from the ministry of transportation., but its annoying and its $110. for nothing. Would this get dropped off once i fix the document error? I renewed my licence plate and have the sticker on the licence palte and everything, just never put the 2nd sticker on the licence registration portion

my main thing is the speeding ticket. even though it has no points or anything, i don't want it on my record for insurance purpose. its 52 bucks, but i rather not pay it. Do i stand a chance

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by: swontleo on

First off, you do not have to be stationary to measure speed. There are moving radar units. Second, take pictures and prove that the road you were travelling n was indeed a 70km. Because then you did not commit the offence on the ticket.

As far as putting 86 km on the ticket, as part of his evidence on the back of the ticket he would put the true speed he measured. This will likely be indicated on your ticket. Look for the box titled code, there will likely be an "r" for reduced.

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