65 in a 50 - reduced

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65 in a 50 - reduced

by: cwatson9510 on
Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:07 pm

Back in January I was pulled over for travelling 74 in a 50 zone. The officer was nice and reduced it to 65 in a 50 because it was my first ticket. I will note that I did not admit any guilt during the stop. He made a point of saying he reduced to 15 over because the fine carried no points and wouldn't affect my insurance. I appreciate the officer doing that, but I know very well that my insurance company doesn't care about points, they go by major or minor infractions. I checked option 3 on the back of the ticket and mailed it in right away. 6 months later in June I received my court date for August 15th. I filed for disclosure the same day and just recently received it. The first page of the disclosure states that if evidence is presented that the fine was reduced by the officers discretion at the side of the road, the prosecution shall proceed on the basis of the actual speed recorded. The disclosure does note the speed I was actually travelling. The notes seem accurate, but I did not receive the operators manual for the speed measuring device, or any proof of the officer's training on the device, per I had requested. Also, at the side of the road the officer clearly told me he clocked me using radar, but the disclosure states that he clocked me using a Truspeed Laser gun. Not sure if that has any bearing on the case. Not sure how he could have clocked me using a handheld laser gun when his window was up and did not appear to be pointing anything at me as I passed him. At the time of the traffic stop, snow was falling but the roads remained clear. I am having trouble understanding the laser gun's testing information in the disclosure. This is how it reads:
Tests: 0725 OK Y , 1546 OK Y

I am not sure where I should go from here. Should I just goto court and plead guilty? I doubt that the prosecutor will offer me a lower fine as it was already reduced. Also, I have a feeling that the officer will show up to court because I believe he is strictly a traffic cop because I saw him with multiple other people pulled over later that day in the same spot. He was in an unmarked black crown vic. I would appreciate any advice anyone has on this, and I thank you in advance for your input.
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by: daggx on
Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:41 am

It looks like the notes are saying that the laser devise was tested once at 725am and again at 346pm. Both tests show the device was working properly. I agree that they probably won't reduce the ticket any further so unless you can see a way to win outright you are probably better to plead guilty.
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