Hwy Speeding Dillemma!

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Hwy Speeding Dillemma!

by: OliverB on

I am from Quebec but received a speeding ticket on the way home from Toronto back in May!

I was rightfully speeding and am at fault; I don't recall exactly where I was when I got clocked but I think they got me at 200 kmph somewhere on the 401 in Ont.

Here's the problem... I had intended to contest the ticket simply because I could not afford the $300 fine plus the demerit points. I also politely requested that the officer please show me the radar gun indicating m speed as I felt that in my defense, while I was undoubtedly exceeding the highway limit, he might have been mistaken in exagerrating m actual speed. He apologized and said that it was impossible to show me this information.

BUT the officer did NOT give me my full ticket! He only handed me the receipt in which I could make payment as a plea of guilty. NOT the form to mail-in to contest the ticket!

Now here's where I screw things up... I decided to wait until I received a "reminder" in the mail about this fine before acting on it since I really did not know what to do. There was no tel. phone number or contact info from what I recall on the original slip he handed me. Only a mailing address to make payment. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could have figured out a way to dig up the info, but I put it off until the reminder came. And here's where things really fall apart... I was out of town for two and a half weeks when this notice arrived!

So now not only is payment for the ticket likely past due, or the deadline is rapidly approaching... but I am at a loss on how to act now because I had intended to please innocent and it's surely too late at this point!

The thing is, I have requested my traffic record fromt he SAAQ a few days ago because I am certain that I cannot afford to lose many more demerit points and am concerned about the standing of my driver's license if I pay this fine.

What are my options and how should I act on this?

Could I simply contact the Ontario driving board and explain that I had mailed a copy of my ticket in to contest the charges in July and was away on vacation when the reminder notice came in the mail? Would that work and would I be able to still fight this ticket?

Do I have any chances of winning if so, and would I have to travel all the way back to Toronto... or Missisauga... or Oshawa... or wherever it was that I received the offense in order to give my testimony?

I know that I must act immediately but I'm really not sure what to do... I realise that it's my own fault for being irresponsible, but if anyone can please offer any help it would be greatly appreciated!!


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