No Fine Entered

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No Fine Entered

by: mmollison on

One of my employees just received a speeding ticket that was knocked down to 15km/h instead of 25 km/h.

The officer did not enter anything (blank) into the fine amount / total nor surcharge. The ticket is incomplete and non-electronic. There is no way to pay it online either (to verify the amount) as it is from a small northern area.

Question is: Do we send it in as guilty with a cheque for zero dollars since the amount is blank?

Or do we do nothing and hope the justice will act in good faith hoping it is quashed under POA section 9(1)b?

If they do not quash based on it being incomplete then go to trial for fatal error argument based on the fact the justice did not follow POA? For us it is a 5 hour drive away and the fine would amount to very little.


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by: whaddyaknow on

The best and brightest may correct me, but I believe that the officer has 6 days to file the ticket...

Wait a few days and then call the appropriate court house to inquire on the status of the ticket. The officer may notice the issue and not file it.

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