70Km/H in a 50Km/H zone

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70Km/H in a 50Km/H zone

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I recently got ticketed for speed 20km over the posted limit. Frankly, i do not recall if i was speeding at 70km on a 50Km zone.
There were 2 cars infront of me, so don't recall that exact moment. Anyways my question is
1) can i check option 3 (I intend to appear in court to enter a plea of not guilty at the time and place set for trail and i wish to have the trail conducted in English) to appeal and

i should NOT be selecting the tick box : i intend to challenge the evidence of the provincial offences officer. I request that the officer attend the trial. ?

I am little confused between the two options.

2) what should be approach for fighting this ticket? From my understanding i should appeal and ask for notes?

3) Once i get to court do i just ask them to do early resolution and to remove my demerit points?

4) also from my understanding, my insurance will go up regardless if i get demerit points or not. As this offence will be categorised as minor offence?

5) should i even bother going to paralegal? Is it worth it considering its 95$ ticket and my insurance will go up regardless. Can paralegal completely stop the rate hike in my case

6)can i mail the ticket with selected selection to provincial offence office? (It's not mentioned on ticket if i can mail it) or do i have to go in person?

(I tried attaching photos of ticket from my phone but it keeps giving me error that photos are too large)


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Unread post by brandon on

Some paralegals have some tricks. They can completely get rid off it from your record. Or you can waste your own time by fighting it yourself. I recommend a paralegal or a lawyer.

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