Unpaid fine suspensions ontario

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Unpaid fine suspensions ontario

by: Rick1542 on
Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:04 am

I would like to know the number of unpaid fine suspensions currently in place in Ontario...It is my understanding this type of suspensdion has rendered all other forms of suspension statisically insignificant When the Province transfered administration of POA matters to the municipalites they also got the unpaid fines in the transfer Until then everyone was on equal footing however differewnt municipalies are treating the fines differently some have instituted a 9 year rolling writeoff some continue to leave the fines on the ICON indefinatly Although the debt may remain in perpetuity by removing it from ICON any suspension is also removed thus creating unequal treatment across the Province I believe some time limit should be added where after so many years a suspension is lifted poor people used to satisfy these debts by serving time now they serve what can be decades or even lifetime suspensions which are clearly disproportionate to the offence. As fines have increased the ability to pay has not and without resourses a challenge to the current legislation unlikely What is known is that well beyond 90%percent of suspended drivers continue to drive Ontario is now some sort of nanny state it is like some revenge of the nerds nightmarewhile we were all not paying attention the guys who were the nerds of our highschool years got elected to run Ontario Under their new rules we may not actually live longer but it's going to feel like forever The new street racing laws are really revenge by nerds who had to watch while the guys with the cool cars got the girls while nerds played with their bug collection
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