Remedial Course - How long for registration.

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Remedial Course - How long for registration.

by: someguy on
Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:03 pm


I got a 7 day day suspension and I will have to take the 8hr remedial course. Now I'm fine with this (did the crime, will do the time) but what I'm not clear on is I won't get my license back until I complete it.

Now this is again fine with me, but from everywhere I've read and talked to on the phone it seems it can take up to 90 days to just get a date. Then when the class is, then and only then I can pay the $150 fine to get my license back.

If this is true, and since I've registered for it on Thursday and my 7 day suspension is up @ next Thursday does this mean I will not be able to get my license back up to 3 months?

Hardly a 7 day suspension then... more like 90 days.

I require my car for work and I admit I made a mistake, but if I lose my job for having 3 drinks in a 4hr span during a BBQ the crime does not fit the time.

For disclosure the police officer said I did not seem impaired nor was I slurring or walking funny. So its not like I stumbled to my car and was cutting lanes.
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