please help, in so much trouble =(

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please help, in so much trouble =(

by: kr97 on
Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:16 pm

ohhh boy where to begin....

I occasionally drive my mothers boyfriends car (with his permission ofc) because I do not own a car of my own. Ive had my G2 since last september.

Around april of this year I got pulled over for the first time in my life for expired registration, i had no idea the registration was expired seeing as it isnt my car, and the cop gave me a ticket but he said i could fight it
and so i did. The hearing was scheduled for some date in june; i completely forgot about it and when the date came i wasnt even in the country.... So when i got back home i just waited for something to come in the mail, nothing came. As the time rolled forward i, again, completely forgot about it being busy with work/gym/school/football; now i know these are terrible excuses and it is 100% my fault but i cant take any of this back now unfortunately...

Today, november 19th 2012, i was on my way to work driving my moms boyfriends car and for some reason (i havent slept in 30 hours) i went into a one-way street. Of course with my luck i get pulled over immediately. I give the officer my license/registration/insurance and he comes back and tells me that my license is suspended =( and the insurance i gave him is expired =(, i was honestly expecting to get arrested at this point.... felt soooo bad, ive literally never been in trouble before.

He tells me hes also giving me a ticket for having a "handheld device", i was listening to my ipod and was holding it in my hand because that is the only way it works, but i was NOT using it and was NOT looking at it while driving, i have a passenger as a witness for that. But that ticket is the least of my worries unfortunately... He tells me if i do not have someone with a valid license come to pick up the car in 10 minutes it will be towed. So i call my moms boyfriend and he comes, he was able to convince the officer that he did infact have insurance for the car but it just wasnt in the car.

phew... so im left with a ticket for handheld device, fail to have insurance card, drive wrong way - one way traffic, driving while under suspension and of course a notice of suspension paper.

Ive been working so hard to save up money for university next year and i have no idea how much all these fines are going to cost me =[ im so sad right now....
the issued hearing is on the 17th of january.

How much money am i looking at for these fines and how long is my license going to be suspended for? Also any advice or tips for my current situation would be GREATLY appreciated, and sorry for the long read.
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by: bend on
Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:18 pm

Driving while suspended = Minimum $1000-$5000 fine. 6 month suspension.
Handheld device = $60-$500.00
Driving without insurance = $5000+
Wrong way = 3 demerit points and a fine

Plus I believe you still have to take care of the ticket in which you were suspended for. Seeing how you've been a G2 driver for less than 4 months, I suggest you start taking the bus.
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by: Stanton on
Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:01 pm

Talk with the Crown about your situation on your first appearance date. They will probably offer you some type of plea deal, where they will drop one or more charges and/or reduce your fine in exchange for a guilty plea. The other option is hire a paralegal and see if there's anything they can fight the charges on, but that can be expensive.

If convicted, I suggest explaining to the Justice of the Peace your financial situation. They may also reduce your fines, or at the very least set you up with a payment plan. While you'll be suspended for at least 6 months if convicted of driving under suspension, you can get your licence back afterwards if you make regular payments towards your fines.
bend wrote:Driving without insurance = $5000+
The OP was only charged for failing to have proof of insurance, which is typically a $50 fine.
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by: Radar Identified on
Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:08 pm

I'd agree with Stanton. Now before we get too carried away here:
Driving while suspended = Minimum $1000-$5000 fine. 6 month suspension.
Try to plea-bargain this one down to Drive with No Licence. That's much less serious, and, given the circumstances, they may agree to it if you plead guilty to these other offences:

- Handheld device: You're probably going to get that one.
- Wrong Way: And that...
- Drive without Proof of Insurance: And that.

Go to a First Attendance meeting, explain what happened, and see what they are willing to offer you. That's about the best advice I can give. The difference between Drive Suspended and Drive No Licence is that the former will result in a further suspension, a much bigger fine, and your insurance company will be gobsmacked. The latter won't result in a suspension, the fine will be smaller, and while your insurance will go up, it won't be too bad. Oh and BTW...
kr97 wrote:(i havent slept in 30 hours)
Don't drive when you are that fatigued!!
* The above is NOT legal advice. By acting on anything I have said, you assume responsibility for any outcome and consequences. * OR
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