MTO says lic is fine LEO says I "may" be suspended

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MTO says lic is fine LEO says I "may" be suspended

by: spitfire on
Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:29 pm

Hello all

New just joined forum, this is my first post. I was stopped Fri. night/ Sat. morn for a minor speed infraction (65 in a 50) and after quite a wait at the side of the road the officer asked me if i was aware that my D/L was under suspension. This was a bit of a surprise as I have NO unpaid fines... no children let alone child support..nothing. I told the officer that I was in a single vehicle collision in 2010 (went off the road and totaled my car) of which the outcome was conviction and fine for failing to drive in a marked lane. I was unconscious at the scene and taken to hospital.
Officer says he sees two D/L numbers listed for my name and address and that although my actual D/L (the physical one in his hand is clean) the other number shows it's suspended. The officer said that it was probably something to do with the accident and that I should call the MTO first thing on Monday.
I have not driven all weekend and was probably the first one on the phone with the MTO this morning and the MTO says (not surprisingly) that my D/L is clean, I mentioned that the officer mentioned a different D/L number with same name, etc. and MTO only has one entry for me and I'm good... I'm on my way to obtain a drivers abstract as soon as I finish this post.
This situation generates soooo many questions but the key ones for me at this point are
Can I drive?
How can the LEO see two D/L numbers but the MTO only sees one???
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