Am I Going To Go To Jail?

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Am I Going To Go To Jail?

by: yankees on
Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:54 am

So, I know it's been asked - but here it is. I received a driving while under suspension summons over the long weekend (as well as a speeding ticket). I had forgotten to take care of a ticket and so my license was suspended for the fine. In the past, I have had my license suspended for the same reason and have paid it off when I got some money (I'm intermittently employed). This time, however, I forgot and because I live in a student/public housing building mail delivery is iffy. I have had no criminal charges (I had a warning a year ago for tresspassing, but it was a misunderstanding). Do you think there is a chance I am going to go to jail for this? I mean, I finally got a job (part-time) and a jail sentence will likely destroy me. Any advice/ideas about how to ensure that I don't end up in prison?
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