If You Lose In Court...can They Up The Fine To $1000?

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by: iFly55 on

they will most likely seek the out-of-court fine indicated on your offense notice

if this was your 2nd, 3rd .. 4th time repeating the offense, then maybe... keep in mind the fine amount is upto the Justice of Peace; if you can show exception circumstances related to your financial stability, you might even get zero fine, or something ridiculously low

i have yet to see a prosecutor threaten with the $1000 fine, they usually threaten with the fine on the offense notice + applicable demerit points

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by: OPS Copper on

Yes they can. happened today with a red light ticket. Few other mitigating circumstances such as a collision but the driver had a clean record but was not an ass or anything.

But this was the first time I have seen it happen unless the guy was a ass in court.

I do wish it happened more frequently though.


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