Not Wearing Belt Noticed On A Stop For An Expired Plate.

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Not Wearing Belt Noticed On A Stop For An Expired Plate.

by: Solifluction on

Hi all.

I'm going to start by saying I'm not a smart man.

I should have got my sticker months ago. I forgot. Not an excuse but it happened.

I was stopped driving home after a late lunch with the wife.

When we stopped for food we had spilled some trash in the car. I got out. Belt didn't retract. While leaning in i buckled it because it kept knocking garbage out of my hand. We ate and then got back in the car to drive home.

I didnt think to buckle up. It was stupid and my fault.

Fact is. Now i need to pay for my really late sticker this year and one for the beginning of next year. Everyone does i know. I wasnt trying to avoid the sticket i just forgot. But i also now have the ticket for that and a $240 ticket for the belt.

It was an honest mistake on the sticker and a stupid thing about the belt. Its a first offense in 20 years.

I am wondering what my best option is. Im planning on trying option 2. And hoping theyll have mercy. What are the chances that i can get the charges reduced?

Im definitely out of a job at the beginning of january and i need to prepare for a potential gap in employment. Regardless this is massive to me financially.

Any advice would be appreciated.

And yes. Buy my sticker (happy to) and wear my belt. Yes absolutely i will without fail from now on no excuses. But other than pucker up is there anything i could suggest to the prosecutor to find mercy?

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by: bend on

If you get your sticker done, they may consider dropping that if you plead guilty to the seat belt charge.

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by: whaddyaknow on

Be repentant and explain your situation. If you get lucky you can get a reduction of the fine and time to pay. My wife got both for an unbeatable red-light-camera ticket, when in a similar circumstance.

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