Failure To Wear A Seat-belt Properly

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Failure To Wear A Seat-belt Properly

by: mrbiggismalls on

Hi, my buddy got pulled over and i was in vehicle and received two tickets. I received these two tickets failure to properly wear my seat belt and consuming liquor on a non-licensed premise.

I had my seatbelt on properly and wasn't consuming any acohol. My buddy had picked me up from bar, and we were heading to pick up his other friend at a different bar. His buddy had left acohol in back of vehicle as he was at a pre-drinking party prior. He was driving, unfamiliar with area turned on to a one way street. Thus, he got pulled over for driving down the street wrong way. An officer came to his window and mine and the officer who came to my window ask to see my id and right a way said he didnt like me. I know the officer as i went to school and went on a couple dates with his daughter. He told me 3 times he didnt like me and i was gona recieve alot of tickets tonight. After they talked with my buddy that officer handed me those two tickets. I had my seatbelt on properly the whole timne and i wasn't drinking at all. He never beathalized me and when he first came to window told us why we got pulled over, I honestly have no clue how i got a failure to wear a seatbelt fine and a consuming liqor fine.

Furthermore, I have a court date set, but I am seeking help on what to do, and if there is a way to fight these tickets.

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by: bend on

Can you post the offense and the section number as written on your tickets?

Here's what the Highway Traffic Act says regarding properly wearing a seatbelt:

How to wear seat belt assembly

(5) A seat belt assembly shall be worn so that,

(a) the pelvic restraint is worn firmly against the body and across the hips;

(b) the torso restraint, if there is one, is worn closely against the body and over the shoulder and across the chest;

(c) the pelvic restraint, and the torso restraint, if there is one, are securely fastened; and

(d) no more than one person is wearing the seat belt assembly at any one time.

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