Failure To Properly Wear Seatbelt

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Failure To Properly Wear Seatbelt

by: MaverickBrittany on

I got stopped on an on ramp in the Brampton area a few months back and had forgooten to put my seat belt on.

I have only had one small speeding ticket in the last 6 years but am a sales person and do not want the two points on my licence.

Is there a defece for this or do I need to hire a paralegal?

Looking for any help I can get.


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by: racer on

These tickets are tough to beat. You could plea the ticket down to something else (by-law infraction?), or get a paralegal. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get a quote from a paralegal company.

Send your ticket to court with "trial" option checked off. You can bring it yourself. Just make a photocopy for your records. After you receive the trial date, file for disclosure. Go to 1-st attendance meeting with prosecutor, this is where you can bargain the plea with him. You can change your mind and plead guilty at pretty much any time before the trial.

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