Getting A Car Removed

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Getting A Car Removed

by: 1Fedup_girl on

I have been looking after my fianc©'s care for him while he is incarcerated. I have not heard from him in quite sometime no matter how many times I try to contact him. Quiet frankly I am FED UP! I live in a building where I have to pay for parking, and I am really not wanting to continue to pay for it if he does not even want to bother with me. I do not drive, and the car is not insured. My building was actually doing me a favour by allowing me to park an uninsured car in the underground. I actually had to get a letter from stating that I have temporary ownership of it.

What I am wondering is, how can I go about getting the car removed? How can I get it towed at his expense? I do not want to waste any more money on this thing.

I should probably mention that I live in Whitby, Ontario if that is of any help.

I have dealt with enough, and I do not want to deal with anything else with the cost of this car.

Thank you for any help anybody can offer me.

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by: iFly55 on

I would first speak to the property manager of your building and ask them how to remove the vehicle. If there's security guards on your property, they may have MLEO powers to write provincial offence notices and remove vehicles at owner's expense. At some buildings, the property manager themselves have MLEO training.

In Toronto & Mississauga, if you contact 311 and ask for parking enforcement... an MLEO will meet you at your building. You will have to provide them evidence that it is your parking space and the vehicle does not have permission to park there. They may not tow the vehicle immediately, they may write a ticket and if the owner fails to move it after 24hrs then you will have to contact 311 again... this time they'll arrive with a tow truck. When parking enforcement/MLEO tow vehicles, it's at the owner's expense.

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