Failure To Provide & Suspended

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Failure To Provide & Suspended

by: slims88 on

Hello, today I was pulled over by the O.P.P. and told I have a suspended license. Took it away. So..

Only thing I can think it came from was, in Sturgeon falls, I think I accelerated to fast entering the highway where it goes to 90 to get pulled over, office said he didn't catch me speeding but caught the insurance card. Truck was 4 weeks old and I still had the dealership printed insurance slip, the insurance slip was expired by 8 days and I had yet to get my new pink insurance card from my insurance company, OPP gave me a failure to provide proper insurance. Officer told me once I got my insurance card to go show him and he would kill the ticket. 2 days later got it and showed him he took my ticket and I was gone, today I get pulled over and told it was suspended. I was allowed to call and get someone to drive it, was not towed if that means anything. Paying for everything tomorrow since I need my license.

Is there anything I can do for this?

As well, since this is a court date, can I still leave the country?

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