Well This Is A First

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Well This Is A First

by: bocado on

Clean record for over 20 years... except one red light (camera) 2 years ago but it wasn't about beating the red to be honest. But that's another story.

I was on the 401 and the traffic in the left and middle were going slow, so I stupidly decided to go over to the far right lane, then back into the middle, then back to the right...

just going over the slow flow of traffic and doing about 120.

Well, there was an OPP in the middle lane that I did not see (marked car).

Anyways, got charged with careless 6 points $490.

The officer was stern and said he could have taken my car for 7 days as "stunt" driving.

The irony in all this is, I'm the most chill driver at 42 years of age, I'm always 15km within speed limit, but I goofed it tonight ....after work and dinner with some friends I just had that vibe to give'er.

Any suggestions?


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by: bend on

If your ticket has the option for an early resolution meeting, you should probably consider it. They'll either make you an offer for a lesser charge or not.

From an insurance perspective, careless driving is in the worst of the worst category. 100% surcharge and you run the risk of being booted from the standard type provider.

Any offer from the prosecutor will almost definitely fall into the minor category (eg: some lane change charge). You may or may not be issued a surcharge for your first offense from your insurance provider for a minor conviction.

The difference in convictions couldn't be more drastic. For a lot of people it may be the difference between driving or taking the bus.

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