Failing To Stop At Stop Sign

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Failing To Stop At Stop Sign

by: Wazir on

Hello everyone, I got a ticket for failing to stop before entering intersection in Calgary. It was around 1:30 am. Police car was not so close. I did stop but not sure if it came to stop completely. The cop wasn't sure as well I think because he pulled me over not after the intersection but he was behind me at signal and when I switched my indicator for parking he pulled me over. He came to me and said I pulled you over because you missed the stop sign and I have camera recording. I told him I stopped but I thought he might give warning as he was very polite so I told him I stopped but I if you say I am sorry . Then he asked for my licence and registration.

Now 1. How can I ask for the video he has ?

2 . Can he prove that I didn't come to full stop if my brakes lights were on as he was not very close and line nothing visible?

Any guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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by: bend on

This forum deals with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Alberta has the Traffic Safety Act, I believe. Traffic rules vary province to province.

That being said, I think we can handle most of your questions because they're not going to be all that different.

It's completely normal for an officer to not immediately pull you over. An officer, knowing they are about to initiate a stop, will likely run your plates first to make sure there's no surprises that might put them at risk (eg. stolen car).

If you want to see the evidence against you, you'll have to request a trial. From there, you'll make what's called a disclosure request. You'll just fill out a form and give it to the prosecutor. If you need help with this, just ask the courthouse and they should be able to give you the information. If the courthouse is closed due to covid, the info is also usually online. They'll compile the evidence and provide it to you. This may take weeks/months. At the bare minimum, this should include a set of the officers notes.

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