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159 on 407 - Court @ Newmarket in one week.

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:14 pm
by mrhulalala
Looking for your opinions and recommendations. Thanks!!

Got a summon for 159 over 100 on hwy 407. I was following a white lexus (yes, he was running even faster than me) and didn't pay attention to the speed.
I had a 15 over ticket in 2014, two other dismissed tickets in 2015 and 2016. Would those dismissed ones impact the current one?

I went through a few posts/replies here and here's what I came up with the best strategy on the summons day:

1. Arrive at court @8:30 (mine is at Newmarket)
2. Get inline to talk to the prosecutor
3. Ask for disclosure
4. IF he/she starts to talk about a plea deal THEN ask him/her IF I can take a look at the disclosure and then decide
1. IF the answer is YES => take the disclosure and set another summons date. Then request further disclosure if possible?
2. IF the answer is NO => If the deal is under 49 THEN take it?? Any other better outcomes so far?
5. IF he/she didn't talk about plea deal, should I ask for one?? OR Should I say I want to plea not guilty and set a trial date?