Caught doing 120 km/h on a 60km zone (Dufferin/Major Mac)
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Caught doing 120 km/h on a 60km zone (Dufferin/Major Mac)

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Let me explain briefly what the situation is right now...

On Dec. 20, 2011, I got pulled over doing 120 km/h on a 60km zone around Dufferin/Major Mac area in Vaughan. This is definitely my first offense, never been pulled over for speeding, stunt driving, etc. Only a few parking tickets within the past few years.

So my license was suspended and my car got impounded for 7 days (until Dec. 27 8pm). I just got my license back by paying the replacement fee of $10 (without having to pay reinstatement fee because apparently my license did not appear suspended with the Ministry of Transportation), and then also picked up my car from the impound at a cost of $570 ($120 towing charges, $55/day plus taxes).

Of course, I am also summoned to the court and must appear on Jan. 27, 2012 at Newmarket. I know roughly what the consequences are if convicted, so what are my options to either reduce or have it dropped completely? I've been told by many of my friends and colleagues that appearing to court on my own and just hope for the best will certainly NOT end in my favor since I'll probably get convicted anyway and suffer the full punishment.

If looking for a paralegal is the best option, who or where should I go to? I'm planning to talk to Peter Swales (apparently a former prosecutor in the GTA and appears in local paralegal searches on Google) for advice. Anything else I should know or do to help my case?

Thanks in advance for anyone who comments in. :)

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Re: Caught doing 120 km/h on a 60km zone (Dufferin/Major Mac

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Any reputable, licensed paralegal is a better option than going in there with none. Not much else I can tell you right now, since you've done the right thing by seeking legal representation.
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