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Re: Need help with a traffic ticket

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 12:17 pm
by ThunderSoul
jsherk wrote:If you decide to appeal, you still have to pay the fine first and the conviction will show up on your record until you win the appeal.

I think there is some other form you can request so that you do not have to pay the fine until after the appeal, so check for that one as well.

And the chances of the officer not showing up are very slim, but it is a remote possibility.
I've been reading some of your posts regarding the radar used. Some people have won cases based on the radar used and inconsistencies with the manual used.
In the disclosure I received, the officer is not giving away the model of the radar gun. He simply states it's a "Genesis Handheld". Also, there is no manual disclosed to me.

What should I do here? The disclosure states "should you come to the conclusion that this disclosure material is deficient in some fashion, please contact the regional prosecutor's office to request further disclosure as soon as the deficiency comes to your attention. please ensure that you specify what material you are seeking". How do I get them to give me the manual the officer has used? I am also worried they may try to cheat and match the "model" in the disclosure with the correct manual and give me that one so I won't be able to use manual inconsistency in the trial.

Should I ask to disclose the actual model number? Or can I use this lack of specification at the trial? He provided a serial number, which I'm sure can be used to track the model number, but I don't have the software for that.
But if I ask to disclose the actual model number and the manual, they will simply match it rather than having it come from the officer.

Please help. Thank you...

Re: Need help with a traffic ticket

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:10 am
by UnluckyDuck
Me personally am alike with JSherk. I believe in fighting everything with everything I got. Unfortunately, there's some you can't win easily. Even an experienced lawyer will have a hard time getting this charge dropped. One thing to take into consideration, once you start the trial, the speed will be amended up to the FULL AMOUNT. Therefore, if it was not already reduced, and you weren't offered a plea deal, then you have nothing to lose. If they have a really tight case on you (like they do), I'd personally just go and see the prosecutor and ask kindly if he could reduce it to 15 over, or maybe an amendment to Disobey Sign (110, 2 points).

Re: Need help with a traffic ticket

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:14 pm
by Decatur
Genesis Handheld is actually a model. Although it appears they've shortened it. The full name is Genesis Handheld Directional.