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Help! Clipped mirror, fail to turn left to avoid collision

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:26 pm
by cellophant
A couple nights ago I was driving home from work and was trying to pass a stopped vehicle. Since there was an oncoming car I squeezed right and clipped the stopped car's mirror. I was only going about 5-10km/h. The woman was in the car and called the police which resulted in me getting a ticket for failing to turn out left to avoid a collision.

The ticket is $110 which is not worrisome but its 2 demerit points which is why I'm probing my options.

I selected option 2 - meet with a prosecutor for early resolution and was wondering what my chances were on getting the points dropped or the whole thing resolved. Will I have good chances with the meeting or will I inevitably have to court? :(

Thanks for your help!