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Small ticket...But also Small Bank account

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:19 am
by KTales
Hello everyone...Tonight I received a ticked for "Failure to Surrender Licence" (Highway Traffic Act - 33(1)) because I could not find it at the time of the traffic stop...The ticket is in the amount of $110.00 which I think is slightly ludicrous in my opinion. However this $110 ticket is much more than I can afford right now between college debt, house payments, car payments and visa balance

I am wondering whether I have a chance in court to at least get the ticket reduced if not dropped and here are the reasons why:

1) The officer never gave me a reason for pulling me over. I was driving around with a couple friends obeying the speed limit and not doing anything illegal at the time of the traffic stop. He asked for my licence and insurance, I gave the insurance to him and looked for my drivers licence but to no avail. He then went back to his car and returned with the ticket merely saying "Make sure you have your licence on you because we use it for identification if you are in a fiery crash and we cannot identify you. Read your options on the back of the yellow copy and you have 15 days to respond. Have a good night and drive safe."

2) I have heard that there is "24 hours" or something of that nature to provide a driver's licence to the police deartment. I will be heading down there in a few hours to try that...Most likely unsuccessfully.

Should I bother trying to fight it or should I just bite my tongue and beg people for money so I can pay it...Or if there is another option you can think of let me know

Thanks in advance


EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I offered to show another form of identification but he did not request or take it

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:00 pm
by OPS Copper
Only reason needed is to Check for Insurance and DL...Obviously you did not have your DL...Unless you ask for the reason we are under no obligation to tell you....

No such thing as 24 hours anymore. But when there was it was officers discretion as to whether you got the 24 hr warning or ticket....


Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:40 pm
by myticket
fight your ticket for two reason:

You can defer your payment until trial, and even if you didn't win trial, you can ask the Justice from 4 to 6 months to pay it.

You can get it reduced upto $40 before the trial for a pleas guilty.