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Failing To Stop - School Bus

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:16 pm
by shiran

I got a ticket today for failing to stop at a school bus in a 6 lane road and I was driving to the opposite direction. Funniest thing was I entered to that street from another street when I had the green light. This cop gave me the ticket saying I failed to stop ( though its not visible from the lane I entered and who would look for a school bus as soon as you see a green light when making a right turn except for on coming traffic and for the pedestrians). Anyways, he didnt fine me but he gave me a court date and asked me to appear on that date instead. Unfortunately I'm unable to make it that day and I told the cop about it. He thought for a while and asked me to send someone else instead. I would like to know what are my chances. Also isn't it wiered to get a court date by a cop just like that rather than a fine at the first place ( I feel like it's out of the tradition)

Your comments and help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Failing To Stop - School Bus

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:40 pm
by b1313

I don't know about your chances. But when you are driving you need to be aware of every thing going on on the road. Looking a head of you at least 1-2 blocks ahead and anticipat what is going on ahead of you. Profesional drivers are trained to do this and it should be tought to all drivers. You should be checking your mirrors every 5 - 10 sec. These practices will help you in your driving. Remember driving is a privlage so you need to be vigalent and aware of what is going on. When you see a bus look at it are the lights flashing if so stop even if the stop sign has not come out. Children are quick and they don't think some times. They see the lights and expect the sign to come out and some start crossing the road before the sign comes out because that is what they see every day they ride the bus and they expect the rest of the vehicles to stop and that is when we run it to problems. So please in the your driving practices take some advice and drive carefully. chow

Re: Failing To Stop - School Bus

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:55 pm
by b1313

I am hoping people are reading these things. There is nothing worse then seeing your child or the child that another parent has but in your care to see them killed or hurt because some one has not stopped at the stop sign or the red flashing lights on a school bus. Please driver be aware of the road know what is going on 1-2 block ahead of you, be checking your mirrors every 5-10 sec. Know were you are see red flashing lights stop even if the stop sign has not come out, you never know there could be a malfunction wit the stop arm. So you need to stop and wait. If the road is broken up with a island or median or wall is the only time you can pass a school bus with it's reed lights flashing and stop arm is out any other time you need to stop dose not matter how many lanes there are on the road. So lets all help each other just think if that is your child or your friends child brother sister or another family member and the worst for you JAIL for murder so lets not let that happen. Even if you are a passenger in a vehicle you are morally obligated to tall the driver stop what do you think you are doing. Let us all help and keep our children safe than you for your time and drive safe.

Re: Failing To Stop - School Bus

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:10 am
by Radar Identified

What you got was a summons to appear in court for failing to stop for a school bus. I wouldn't chance not appearing, even with what the officer said. You should probably consider hiring legal representation if you cannot go yourself.