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Question about fail to stop R/L and asking meeting wth Crown

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:47 pm
by Shapeup1
Hello There,

I have no tickets, few parking. No record no car accidents.
I got stopped for "failing to stop at a red light" . I didn't go thru an intersection , I made a right on a light the just turned red. Cop says I should of stopped.

Anyhow he give me a big ticket, I try to explain that I'm a good guy with no history, not working and not well but he doesn't care. Says take it up with the crown.

I noticed on the back of the ticket it says that you can arrange a meeting with the crown for resolution. I called one of the coppers offices and was told that for 350 they would get my points off. More then the ticket. :-)

Will going and see the Crown and explaining my financial situation help me? Or will the JP in court be more sympathetic?

Thank you kindly for your replies