2 Tickets with 136(1)(A) and 7(5)(A) <-- Wrong HTA Code

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2 Tickets with 136(1)(A) and 7(5)(A) <-- Wrong HTA Code

by: lls888 on
Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:17 am

Hi all!
I got 2 tickets few months ago

HTA 136(1)(A) - Disobey Stop Sign
HTA 7(5)(A) - Fail to Surrender Permit Vehice

After checking http://www.ticketcombat.com and did little resarch,

The officer wrote wrong HTA code, (right HTA code should be 5(1)

(A) )

I am going to request a trail and plan to fight the trail myself

Here are some questions.

1.) Is wrong HTA code count as fatal error ?
2.) If not fatal error , Should I plea guilty or Not guilty in the

court room?
3.) any advice or tips help to win in the court room

Here is the fact: I was drive 5 year old girl to the school in the
morning, and I did stop at stop sign. and I forgot ask my wife 's
permite due my car got scrap a week ago. I drives same route
everyweek day take my kids to the school, and I know right after
this stop sign, there is 40Kms school zone. there is no way I did
not stop at stop sign with 5 years old at back and school zone if front of you.

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