Failing to obey a stop sign - Highway Traffic Act section 136(1).
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by: Jannaria on

Hi Everybody,

last week I've got my first ticket in 12 years, red light -failed to stop. I feel really embarrassed and confused.

Before the intersection I stopped on red light, but when green arrow appeared to turn left - I went straight. After the intersection the policecar pulled me over. Then I realized that it was red light. Somehow I was totally sure that it's green for me. Really stupid thing, I know. Sun at the sunset, pretty tough week. Worse thing - I had my 9 year daughter in my car.

First I wanted to pay the ticket, but then I realized that there is also 3 demerit points, and my husband advise me to go court to see if anything can be done to reduce points. Is there a chance?

Thanks a lot for any advice.

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by: racer on

There is always a chance. Sometimes it is better to hire professional representation, thus increasing your chances of either getting rid of the ticket completely, or negotiating to a smaller offense that will not increase your insurance premiums. You can contact a paralegal by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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by: Frozenover on

If you go to court the justice cannot do anything about the number of points associated with the charge. They can find you "not guility" or reduce the fine amount, but they have nothing to do with points.

Your only way to reduce the points is to go to court and beat the ticket or try to get a plea bargin for a lessor charge with fewer points associated with it. I'm not certain what a lessor charge would be but 2 points is the minimum so your only looking at a savings of 1 point.

The other advantage of taking it to court is that you defer having the points added to your driving record, as they are not applied until your case is settled, and they only stay on for 2 years from the date of the event.

As always the best option is to request a trial, read the ticketcombat site, request disclosure, then decide your course of action.

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