Need Help On Failing To Obey A Stop Sign, 136 (1) (a)

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Need Help On Failing To Obey A Stop Sign, 136 (1) (a)

by: yusukenl on

Hi all,

I got a ticket yesterday when I drove my sis to piano lesson.

The cop charged me for disobey stop sign and fail to stop,

and the fine on the ticket is $110.

My concern is that I don't know if there is any demerit point for this,

because I don't see any writting which is related to points on the ticket.

So, did I get any demerit point ? Will I have a record on behalf of my auto insurance ?

And how much will this ticket affect my auto insurace?

I am turning into 26 at the end of this months and this is my first ticket =_=

Please help, thank you

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